Support us in our mission. Whatever way you wish to contribute will always be of great value for us.

WAYVE Foundation is working closely with the activists in particular women activists from the most marginalised communities in different parts of India. Hence, we want them to sustain their important work and for that donations would be a great support. Through the crucial support through donations, we can also help an affected person to defend his/her case, do educational work and many more things.
So please support us generously and help us to achieve our goals and fulfill our commitment.

Please select the purpose you wish to donate from the below list!

  1. Covid 19 Response (Medical Support, Restoration of Livelihood of Migrant Labour/ Vulnerable Community, Dry Food Kit to Poor and Marginalised Section, PPE Kit)
  2. Education Support for Poor and Vulnerable Children
  3. For Construct of Shelter Home/ Ashram for Women and Children
  4. Support for Survivor of Violence against Women or who have been experiencing Violence
  5. Support for Person with Disability (Rehabiliation, Education, Assistive Devices)
  6. Support for Girls Education
  7. Protection of Children from Violence, Abuse Early Child and Forced Marriage
  8. Leadership Development of Youth, Girls and Women from Vulnerable and Marginalised Community
  9. Mental Health and Well Being for Rural Youths
  10. Empowerment of Women and Girls (Socio – Economic Development)
  11. Reproductive Health and Rights
  12. Awareness
  13. Set up Rural Library
  14. Set up Resource & Training Centre
  15. Women Entrepreneurship Development
  16. Support for Health, Medicine, Daily need of Elder Person

Donations/voluntary contributions are exempt under section :

80 G Approval No: CIT(EXEMPTION), AHMEDABAD/80 G/2020-21/A/10725

12 (A) of the Income Tax Act 1961 as per permission granted by the CIT (EXEMPTION), AHMEDABAD vide Order No: ITBA/EXM/S/12AA/2019-20/1015723565(1)

Permanent Income Tax No. is AAATW5118M